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Ch. Dundee Vanilla Fields

Am/Can CH Crocodile Dundee  ex  Granville Merisle Mosaic





  Ch. Hannalore Dundee Sonatina

CH Dundee Hullston Jambalaya, ROM  ex  CH Hannalore Tales Of Beth, ROM





  Dundee Rockin' Robin

Am/Can. CH. Crocodile Dundee  ex  Granville Merisle Mosaic





  Ch. Dundee French Vanilla

CH Dundee Amos Moses A/C ROM  ex  CH. Dundee Vanilla Fields





Ch. Dundee Adrianna

CH. Dundee Nightline  ex  Seabury Dundee Heart O'Dixie






  Am/Can. CH. Dundee Something Blue


Am/Can CH Kelbren Out Of The Blue   ex   Dundee Mad About You







  CH. Dundee French Quarter

Ch Dundee Amos Moses Am/Can ROM  ex  Dundee Marmalade






Ch. Kimmany Power Puff Girl

Ch. Granville Merisle Commotion  ex  CH. Hannalore Blue Tango







Ch. Macdega Outback Odessa

Ch Dundee Amos Moses Am/Can ROM  ex  Ch. Macdega Midori